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Darren Triplett-El

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As a child I was always enthusiastic about the martial arts. My uncle started teaching me when I was seven years old.

Later on as a teenager I joined the Golden Dragon Shotokan Karate Club, where I earned a Brown Belt at the age of fifteen.

I work directly with young men teaching martial arts in the Chicago Public Schools through the Manchild Program Mentoring & Enrichment classes.

In 2012 I was introduced to Master Ken Keith and the Takeo-Ryu Training Center family by another student, Kevin Clay-El.

Takeo-Ryu Goshin Jitsu training brings me full circle with joint locks, breaks, throws, chokes and grappling. Master Keith's Self-Defense strategies focus on real-life, combat scenarios.This has been very beneficial, as my general awareness, and teaching skills are at an all time high.

My increased appreciation and knowledge of the various martial arts around the world, the cultural/historial relevance that inspired their inception I attribute to the traditional Japanese Jujitsu training and emphasis on study, Master Keith imparts to all his students.

I am learning that the martial arts are about much more than overcoming an attacker. The well rounded martial artist is also a gentleman, a scholar, a true human being.

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