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Sensei Joe Fiorentino

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Deputy Joe Fiorentino was honored to volunteer and teach some grappling to fellow Officers and retired Officers at the Takeo-Ryu Dojo under Sensei Ken Keith. It was Joe's first time at the Takeo Ryu Dojo.

Sensei Ken Keith is a 5th Degree Black Belt in Takeo-Ryu and has been a martial artist for 66 years. He also speaks Japanese.

A martial artist for over 35 years, Joe became a better man and a better martial artist when he joined Shihan Keith at Takeo-Ryu, who taught him the true meaning of team work . Joe gives his time volunteering to teach self defense to kids, cubscouts, seniors and fellow officers. A black belt and certified defensive tactics instructor.

Started Training Martial Arts in 1977

Trained in Judo, Combative Ju Jitsu, Shidokan and Takeo-Ryu.
Fought over 100 fights in MMA, Pankration and Grappling Tournaments.
(15) Time NAGA Heavyweight Champion, (3) Time Midwest Jiu-Jitsu Champion
Winner of 7 Championship Belts


2009 Inducted into United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame
2010 Inducted into the Italian American National Hall of Fame

Has been honored to train with such greats as Shihan Ken Keith, Shihan Eddie Yoshimura, Sensei Duane Sharp, Bulgarian Mike Rashkov, Vaughan Palelei, Hanshi Frank Dux, Master Bob Schirmer, UFC Shonie Carter, UFC Shogun Rua and Ninja Rua, Superfoot Bill Wallace and Sifu Richard Bustillo.

Joe has been in over 25 different Magazines and Newspapers such as Fight! Fight Zone, Ultimate MMA, Chicago Sun-Times, American Police Beat, Italian American Magazine, Primo, Des Plaines Valley News and more...


1997 Cook County Deputy Sheriff
2009 President`s Volunteer Service Award from President Obama
2010 Illinois State Bar Association Law Enforcement Award
2010 Cook County Crime Stoppers Award

Volunteer Service

Joe has been a long time volunteer with lovely wife Heidi. Joe has taught Kids and Adults self defense, is a member of The Italian American Police Association and UNICO National. Joe has also served as Principal for a Day for Chicago public schools.

The Ellis Island Medal of Honor

Joe & Heidi were interviewed by Channel 7 News. Joe is receiving the Ellis Island Medal of Honor May 11, 2013. Joe was nominated by Heidi.

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"We are back from Ellis Island Medal of Honor Ceremony." Takeo-Ryu member Joe Fiorentino Honored...
"We had a great time . The award show is amazing." The award was special to Joe`s family because his great aunt was born on a boat that came to Ellis Island. Joe said, "Everyone is looking for happiness, the way to find it is to help others." The day was a celebration of not only the outstanding accomplishments of the medalists, but also an acknowledgement of the spirit, hard work, and values of our ancestors.

Congratulations Joe! From your Takeo-Ryu Family

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