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Sensei Maurice Vaughn

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I have attained the rank of Sensei at the Nubian Wu Kung Fu Society, also known as Sacred Flow Temple under Sifu Brahma Anadi. I'm also a blue belt in Brazillian JuJitsu under UFC MMA fighter Miguel Torres.

I have only been training at the Takeo-Ryu Self-Defense Academy for about three months but I have learned a lot of techniques that I have added to my martial arts toolkit. I usually train on Saturdays at the Takeo-Ryu Self-Defense Academy and then I go to my Kung Fu class directly after that.

Sensei Keith is a great instructor and constantly reminds us to use technique rather than strength. Every week he gives us about three or four techniques to add to our toolkit and emphasizes the proper execution of those techniques.

I plan to keep attending classes at the Takeo-Ryu Self-Defense Academy and take advantage of all of the knowledge that Sensei Keith has to give.

I drive all the way from Country Club Hills to Chicago every week because I recoqnize the value in the training that Sensei Keith is passing along to all of his students.

Maurice Vaughn

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