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Sensei Carl Jackson

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Like my brother, Sensei Donald Jackson Jr. MD, I was exposed to the
Martial Arts by Shihan Kenneth Keith, 5th Dan, some fifty years ago. I was amazed by his skill and dedication as he would demonstrate his Judo skills.

Many years had passed before I too had the opportunity to actually join a dojo and study Martial Arts for myself. For me, the year was 1997 when I chose to study TAEKWONDO under the direction of
Master John Holloway.

Aside from being an excellent Sensei, Master Holloway was also heavily involved in the Olympic TAEKWONDO team. He was
actually the Captain of the Australian TAEKWONDO team. His training regimen not only stressed a good foundation of self-defense,but hinged heavily on full contact fighting, just as if we were in the Olympics.

At times, we did experience injuries during our sparring events. The mindset was, "If you get hurt, it was Your fault for not properly defending yourself." The training was invaluable, rewarding, and very demanding . Many times we fought full contact 2 to 3 times per week.

Over my ten year period of training, I feel that I have grown mmensely, achieving 2nd Dan on a foundation that not only reinforced a good self-defense, a commanding offense, and a feeling of total confidence of what I had learned.

Sadly, family and a very demanding job forced me to suspend my training. I look forward to eventually continuing my pursuit to master the Martial Arts.

After fifty years, I still look up to and strive to be like my cousin Shihan Ken Keith, 5th Dan, Founder Of Takeo-Ryu Combat Goshin Jitsu, the Ultimate System of Self Defense. That is a goal I intend keep In my mind and in my heart.

Sensei Carl Jackson Sr., 2nd Dan, 5th Class - Gentle East Martial Arts

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