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Sensei Albert Bobb III

*We are sad to announce that Sensei Albert Bobb passed Tuesday, July 19, 2016. He will be missed and remembered for his life, love and contributions to the martial arts. Our hearts go out to his family.

Master Ken Keith and Students of the Takeo-Ryu Garage Academy.

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My name is Sensei Albert Bobb, III. My style is TANG SOO DO HAPKIDO.

I began my Martial Arts training in April of 1963. My first Teacher was Master Silk Kwon Kim. He was a TAE KWON DO instructor
from Korea. During that time very few Westerners, and not many Black men, were being taught Chinese Martial Arts.

Master Kim was strict, and emphasized conditioning the mind and body. he insisted upon dedicated training, and the mental
preparation to undertake the harsh, demanding, and often exhausting physical tasks necessary to achieve the required
levels in Martial Arts excellence. I trained with Master Kim until 1980, earning a 2nd Dan.

Between the ages of 11 to 13, I boxed in the Golden Gloves, earning National and International recognition. I also have belts in

My current rank is 7th Dan in TANG SOO DO, and 7th Dan in HAPKIDO. I have trained with a long and distinguished line of great
Martial Artists, and some of the best instructors in the world, including Bong Soo Han, Steve Fisher, Martin Dixon, Rick Kengi,
Steve (Mohammed) Sanders, Drew Christon, Athen Nelson, and Hee- Il Cho.

Karate begins and ends with respect! In 1963, I began my journey on the path of self-improvement that is NEVER ending. I have
been a Martial Artist for 49 years, and will continue to listen, learn, and respect the training and discipline which is reflected in my
every action: mind, body, and spirit.

I became an Associate of Shihan Kenneth Keith's Takeo-Ryu Academy Training Facility through mutual respect and shared

I am also brother-in-law to Sensei Donald C. Jackson,Jr., 3rd Dan, and Sensei Carl A. Jackson, Sr., 2nd Dan.

On August 12, 2012, I was inducted into "The Martial Artists Hall of Fame" for high ranking Martial Artists (men and women) in
Southern California. I was the recipient of a " Kick-Punch," and "Fighters" Award, as well as a certificate for "Continued Growth in
Martial Arts."


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