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Sensei Theodore Nurse

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My name is Theodore Nurse, I started Boxing in 1962 at Stateway Gardens Center under the training of Mr. Johnson and Mr. Ames two Great coaches and Trainers.

I later trained at Windy City Gym on Chicago’s south side. That’s when Coach Johnson’s words had meaning “The more you sweat, The less you bleed.” Training is the secret to success.

I joined Olympic Karate Under Sensei knudson in 1974 at Washington and Dearborn St. He called me the hard, meanest thing in green. I studied Hwangdo judo under Sensei Dennis and Maxine Perdue at YMCA on 51st and Indiana, in Chicago. 1975 I became a Black Dragon under Sifu Russell Brown.

I became more committed to my job and spent less time training . I Raised a family,and worked at Chicago Transit Authority for the next thirty years.

I joined Bakers Dojo of Karate, Education & Science in 2005, where Grand Masters Preston and Otis Baker worked off the rust and painted me with character. Under the Bakers, I have been promoted to Shodan in Shorei Goju Ryu Karate. True Martial Arts builds the mind and body. My latest endeavors consist of studying the Takeo-Ryu Goshin jitsu system and NAGA Grappling, under Shihan Ken Keith and Joe Fioretino. I have been appointed as an Instructor of Takeo-Ryu Goshin Jitsu fundamentals.

Know this : The People you train with become brothers and sisters for Life.

Train hard, Fight harder.

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